As you know and can appreciate, there are never more than a few Pockties with the same design as yours so if you’re ready to move on to a new design, we want to help make it easy to give your Pocktie a new home.

So trade in your Pocktie today and get a discount on a new Pocktie or put some greenbacks in your pocket.

How It Works

We accept used Pockties that are clean, in great condition and able to be re-sold on our site. When you trade in your well-loved Pocktie, we’ll give you the option of selling it to us for $15 or receive a discount code for 40% off a future purchase.

How do you trade in your Pocktie?

We make it simple!

Print and fill out this form.

Mail the form to:

 1228 S Washington S
Bloomington IN 47401

We will review the Pocktie and if it is deemed to be in condition sufficient for re-sale we will remunerate you based on the selection provided.

It’s that simple!